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Hey everyone!

This is a compilation of some previous horror music stuff I've done in the past as a hobbyist composer. This little compilation takes inspiration from things like HP Lovecraft, Silent Hill, etc. Most of the tracks are more ambient atmospheric, and a little experimental, but some are a bit more lively, like Hellscream, which could be used for an intense fight. Given that this is a very random assortment of tracks, some being absolutely massive (gotta love those lossless .wav files) and some are very small due to being basic mp3's. As a result I don't really want to make charging people for it mandatory, so just enjoy this bundle of songs free of charge, or donate if you want to. :)

As always, you can use them for commercial or private uses. But in commercial productions please cite me as Phil Sturgill.

Happy game designing.

Finally a special thanks to everyone for enjoying these tracks, I just looked and this has broken over 2,500 downloads! That's truly amazing, thank you all! :D

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Dark, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, Music, Spooky


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Definitely No Aliens Here.wav 265 MB
Hellscream.mp3 1 MB
No Aliens Here.mp3 5 MB
Nothingness.mp3 2 MB
Order of Dagon.wav 168 MB
Stalking Prey.wav 152 MB
To Drown in Madness.mp3 2 MB
Unspeakable.mp3 1 MB
You Aren't Safe.mp3 2 MB


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Cool collection! I like the ambience. I just posted an early development version of a game I'm working on, and I used the track "Nothingness" for the crypt level.

Do you have a web site you'd like me to link to when giving credit, or is your Itch page appropriate?

If you'd like you can link here for ease of use. I'm alright with just having my name in the credits if that's inconvenient. Also that sounds really cool! I can't wait to see it. :D